What is Compass Outreach?


Our program is a faith-based approach for individuals to demonstrate Godly character in real life decisions. Compass Outreach staff, the Pastor of NLWC, the Assistant Pastors, and church members will contribute to the success of each intern. We are committed to these individuals and will make it a priority to provide the best Christian environment we can for complete recovery.


How did Compass Outreach begin?


Our church, New Life Worship Center in Sylvan Springs, Alabama is a well-established congregation with a big heart for outreach. After considering the needs of our community and society today, we pooled our resources to pioneer a ministry for drug recovery. Our town is small and considered semi-rural/suburban. We are twenty minutes from the Birmingham city limits, however, we still maintain a quiet residential atmosphere.

We are prayerfully considering adding a sober-living house to our church property.




Who will Compass Outreach serve?

We are currently planning a home for one full-time staff, free from addiction for at least two years, to live in the home. We are also recruiting up to two interns in need of a next-step transition house after graduating a faith-based rehabilitation program. These candidates need to be in excellent standing with their rehabilitation counselors and directors, come highly recommended, and have at least three character references from non-family sources. This house is a great fit for students who have shown a love for being discipled and a great desire to transition well into the community.


What we offer:

Several next-step supports will be offered. These include: a mentor who can help plan an exit-strategy, financial and transition direction, employment assistance, communication, home church, transportation, a recovery maintenance plan, and a place to live upon graduating from a faith-based drug rehabilitation program.


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Compass Outreach is hoping to open a sober living house for those who need a place to go after graduating a faith-based addiction recovery program.


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