Stories about redemption...

*These manuscripts have not been published yet...I am submitting them to agents.

The Return to Bayport series includes Return to Me and its sequel A Good Return. The first book introduces a special town and its townspeople who offer hope and healing for lost souls. Surprising, new relationships flourish in a community of every day people relying on divine guidance.

Return to Me

Bahia del Espiritu Santo invites everyone to come and be changed...

     In 1519, Spanish explorer, Alonso Alverez de Pineda, carefully steered his ship into Mobile Bay on mission to map out the region. Although, his great expedition did not land him great riches or glory, his far-seeing description of Mobile Bay, Alabama, was prophetic and timeless when he named the bay area, Bahia del Espiritu Santo—which is translated as Bay of the Holy Spirit. Today, this scenic environment provides the setting for a great story of love and hope in my inspirational novel, Return to Me.

     Harold Heartline, alcoholic, alone, and homeless, is in need of a place to heal and recover. He’s unexpectedly drawn to return to the bay front hometown he’s abandoned for ten years. In Bayport, he meets key people whose lives cross and entangle with his own. Both he and the town are set for a special encounter with God’s purpose. Heartline must learn to live free and love again; He needs family.

     Heartline returns to his hometown, and with the help of several unlikely people, i.e. his old football rival’s father, drug rehabilitation counselors, and a young boy in need of a mentor, he is able to find wholeness. Family ties, romance, and relationships to Christ, are all strengthened. The delightful town is based on several communities in Mobile Bay, Alabama.

     Return to Me is the "story of us" and explores the problem of addiction and the group effort it takes for recovery. Love and despair co-exist and prove each other formidable foes-but love never fails. 

     Like other inspirational novels, this story is a journey to love through broken relationships desperately seeking healing. Linked to the past but ready for a new future, the town of Bayport experiences marriages restored, new loves kindled, and lives given to Christ. It is the first novel in the book series, Return to Bayport. 

A Good Return

Money and travel had been her security and greatest desire for as long as she could remember...


     Cierra Caldwell won’t admit her pain to anyone, even those close to her. In her brief twenty-five years, she’s managed to suppress any negative feelings through frequent travel and rack up many expensive things, including her latest one-a brand new sportscar. Her secret misuse of her anxiety medication has escaped the attention of her family and friends, as well as kept her numb and unfeeling for more than two years. When Cameron Shivers, pastor of Bayport Community Church, breaks off their relationship for good, she is left grieving alone and turns to even more pills. This need for more anxiety relief results in a sketchy relationship with a co-worker whose more than willing to keep the supply of pills handy.

     Once again, she plasters a smile, touches up her make-up, and goes on seemingly undisturbed by her circumstances. That is until her parents, Jack and Carol Caldwell, decide to leave the church and lucrative family business to be missionaries in Honduras.

     The life she’s lived has been solely based on the financial support of her adoring parents, and now she’s left managing the family real estate company with her brother, Jack Jr., who is less than enthusiastic about looking out for his little sister. His plan to control the Caldwell family business has mostly succeeded except for one thing-Cierra suspects his selfish ambition and refuses to go away quietly and leave Jack Jr. in charge.

     Brother and sister lock in the power struggle of their lives. When Cierra accidentally leaves her computer open to a search for her ex-fiancé, Cameron Shivers, she finds herself lying to Jack Jr. One thing leads to another, and Cierra leaves Orlando, Florida to relocate to Bayport, Alabama. She has no idea what awaits her in the southern historic town, nor does she realize the dramatic events on the horizon.

     How will Cameron Shivers and his new fiancé, Annie Westin, handle Cierra’s appearance in their town? Can the Bayport community offer Cierra hope for a better life, or will the tipping point finally be reached in her young life leaving her forever unreachable?


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