Almost twenty years ago, I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a master’s degree in elementary education. Early in my career, I became a Language Arts teacher and enjoyed teaching creative writing. In 2004, while attending The Red Mountain Writing Project at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, I engaged in a writing community of my peers and gained college credit for the experience. My supervisor recommend I go out of the classroom and become a full-time writing teacher and writing coach for two years.

     In 2015, I received a gifted certification from Samford University and fill the role as gifted specialist at Oak Grove Elementary School in Oak Grove, Alabama. I haven’t followed a direct path to the writing profession, but I’ve definitely gained a wealth of practice in critical and creative thinking with gifted children. Writing has and will always be a part of my life. I am very proud of my twenty plus years of teaching and coaching, as well as my opportunities to teach children to write.

     As a Bible teacher and worship pastor at my church, I love reading scripture and enjoy song for myself, as well as, leading others in pursuit of God. My husband, Michael, and I have started a new ministry based out of our home church called Compass Outreach. We are working on opening a sober living house for women who have graduated rehabilitation programs and need a safe environment to stay free from drugs. We are anticipating the sobriety house’s ground-breaking to be sometime in the coming year (2020).

     From this passion, I write inspirational fiction and enjoy expressing what I know about the Christian life and scriptures’ plan for true freedom. My two amazing daughters, Anna and Makenzie, keep me busy with marching band activities and reading the next children's book series. As a family, we love worship music and desire foremost to grow as Christians. The message of the Gospel is influential and impactful; there’s no doubt that people everywhere will be heartened to live for Christ once writers and entertainers give a voice to the true passion believers possess.


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