"So honor is not fitting for a fool..."

When we see our integrity slipping we need to remember Solomon's words and not be foolish. We will be tempted to underachieve, disrespect, and be immoral. It is the sin nature that drives this foolish behavior. But God through the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom liberally (James 1:5)

Melissa D. Pierce 

Educator, Worship leader, and Writer

 Romans 12:2

Piercing Prose 


I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.-Mother Teresa

In so many ways we as Christians decide the breadth of our impact for God. The "love letter to the world" depends on our willingness to be a little pencil. This reminds me of the elementary students I teach each day. When the pouch is full, and the sharpener has ground the points, and the eraser caps are placed atop, no one is interested in the used, dull leftovers strewn about. But, let the day wane and pouches grow slim, and a writing assignment come due...then they gratefully grab for anything that still writes. I wonder what all God can do with just a little pencil? Love through us, Lord!

Dreams & Visions 

Be Still and Know...

In 2019 I had a dream...

In my dream I was living in cliffs beside the ocean shore. I walked out to the shore and the ocean was completely still. There were no waves, no sounds, and everything was completely silent. I remember feeling baffled by the lack of waves and sound. The people with me and I walked back to the shelter of the caves. 

When I woke up, I felt a strong burden to pray. After prayer and asking God to show me what it meant, I found in the Scriptures that the tumultuous ocean represents the Gentile nations and people. The stillness of the waves meant that the nations would be stilled and quiet. Revelation 17:15

Recently in prayer, I was reminded of the "sheltering in the caves" part of the dream... The shelter in place order was issued recently by the Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey. 

Compass Outreach Corner-Addiction recovery is not for those who are not ready to surrender. Jesus asked the man, will you be made whole?

The man's answer was, "Yes!"

That is still the question today. Do we want Jesus to make us whole or just help us out of our circumstances? The latter will never satisfy the true need in our lives. If we choose for him to make us whole, there is lasting change and true recovery.

Wholeness is worth it! 


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